Actual Survey Instruments

  Actual Survey Instruments has a large range of surveying instruments. From basic measuring wheels through to the latest Leica total station.
Leica Surveying Instruments (Full range of Survey Inst.)
Laser Alignment (Laser Levels for all applications.)
Agatec (Laser Levels for all applications.)
Spectra Precision (Laser Levels for all applications.)
Prexiso (Laser Distance Meter & Digital Theodolite.)
Laser Technology (Laser Distance etc.)
tuf Lasers tuf Lasers (Laser Levels & laser plumb.)
Mikrofyn (Grade Laser Levels.)
RoboToolz(Laser Levels & laser plumb.)
Roto-Sure (Measuring wheels.)
Meter Man (Measuring wheels.)
Magna-Trak (Magnetic Locators.)
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