Leica Runner 24 Automatic Level

Tough, budget-priced construction levels.

Leica Runner 24 is robust, budget-priced construction level. It is quick to set up, simple to use and accurate, with clear, bright optics for easy readings.

Leica Runner 24 is offered as complete leveling package including a sturdy tripod and a telescopic leveling staff.

Superior performance at a great price
  • Robust and accurate
  • Air-damped compensator
  • Water resistant (IP55)
  • Double-sided endless fine drive
  • Pentaprism for easy viewing of circular level
  • Horizontal circle with 360° division
  • Budget-priced


Runner 20/24 Brochure
Technical Data RUNNER 24
Accuracy per km double-run leveling 2.0 mm
Magnification 24x
Shortest focusing distance 0.8 m
  Working range ±15'
  Setting accuracy 0.5"
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Weight (net) 2 kg