Construction Lasers

Product Overview Construction Lasers

  Whether it's general construction, pipe laying, machine control, or interior walls and ceilings, our lasers are built to handle any environment
Select the right product for your needs:
General Construction Lasers
Lasers make faster work of any layout job while eliminating costly errors and downtime. Rugby 100/100LR: the new improved standard in general construction lasers. Rugby 200: the new laser with horizontal and vertical self-leveling.
Interior Laser
The RUGBY 200 is a horizontal and vertical self-leveling laser, making it ideal for both General Construction and Interior Construction jobs of any size.
Line Laser
The timeconsuming and tedious drawing of lines on the wall is a thing of the past. The Leica LINO� L2+ projects exactly, quickly and easily � allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand.
Gradel Lasers
Leica Geosystems' Grade Lasers are the most accurate and reliable lasers for machine control applications that require precise grade. They can be used wherever level, single or dual grades are required, and are compatible with Leica Geosystems' 2D and 3D Machine Control Systems for ultimate grade control.
Laser Detectors
The ROD-EYE Family of Sensors offers solutions for any general construction and interior application, and are ideally matched to work with the RUGBY Family of Lasers.